Why join UNISON? 

Trade union membership offers protection at work. We accompany and represent members in meetings relating to their employment such as disciplinary hearings and meetings associated with contractual changes or redundancy. We also support members throughout any grievance or sickness absence procedures and advise them on legal or health and safety matters.

Anyone can face problems at work but if you are a member of UNISON, you don't have to face them alone.

UNISON also offers:

  • Excellent legal services including, free legal cover in the event of criminal or personal injury, thirty minutes of free legal advice from a solicitor on any topic and a  free ‘Will’ service
  • Access to debt advice, financial grants, counselling and wellbeing breaks for members in  need from UNISON’s charity ‘There for You’ http://www.unison.org.uk/get-help/help-with-problems-at-home/there-for-you/
  • Financial savings through our partner organisations who include a travel club, insurance providers and financial services
  • Free education courses and grants for members who are studying.
How much does UNISON membership cost?

UNISON membership is based upon monthly subscription payments. The amount you pay per month is based upon the amount you earn starting from £1.30 per month. Anybody who earns under £17,000 per year will pay less than £10 per month for their UNISON membership.


     How do I join?


You can join UNISON online and pay via monthly Direct Debit.

You can download an application form and send it 'Freepost' to the Branch Office.

DOCAS Application Form.pdf
Subscription to be taken from salary
Direct Debit Application Form.pdf
Subscription to be taken via Direct Debit